Honda X-ADV 750 DCT The Bike That Wasn’t There

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February 20, 2017 – Scooter or cross-country motorbike? We discover a truly breakthrough vehicle, very fun, versatile and refined in finishes, which creates a new segment. It is coming to the dealership for 11,490 dollars.

Let’s face it: the time has come to invent another term that takes the place of “crossover”, because contamination between segments is the order of the day. It is in fact inevitable to define the X-ADV in this way, a Honda proposal born from that City Adventure concept that had so excited us at EICMA 2015.

On closer inspection, however, it is a definition that is almost narrow to the new X-ADV: a vehicle born from the imagination of the Italian branch (it was conceived and designed entirely by the Honda R&D center in Rome, by the hand of the designer Maurizio Carbonara and the Planning Section Manager Daniele Lucchesi ), and capable of bridging three segments. Starting from the tried and tested, ingenious base of the NC platform, which in the Integra declination already represents a link between motorcycles and scooters, X-ADV goes to fish in yet another segment: that of road enduro, or rather of maxi-enduro crossovers, identifying itself as few other models with compact SUVs on the four-wheeler market. A kind oftwo-wheeled version of the same CR-V , if you like, but definitely more refined and prestigious. Above all, a truly breaking model, because such a proposal was not yet there. If it is true that Yamaha made a fortune with the BW’s of the late 80s (but it came a little later), it is equally indisputable that no one had yet had the courage and resources to create a vehicle that combined scooters and off-road vehicles at this level. , and with these performances .

A vehicle born almost by chance, because if it hadn’t been for the Greek slowness, perhaps the X-ADV would never have arrived. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis crossover – pass us the term, waiting for a neologism that better identifies the segment – actually came to Daniele Lucchesi on the occasion of a return to Ios. Having already been on the island almost twenty years earlier, riding an enduro, Daniele had discovered Manganari Beach, a semi-hidden beach that can only be reached via a dirt road that is not exactly trivial. On his return, with his girlfriend and rented scooters, Lucchesi wanted at all costs to return to visit the beach but … he had to surrender to the reduced potential of the vehicle. And since then, when he returned home, he began to think and reflect, until he found the classic squaring of the circle with this new proposal. Which must have identified several enthusiasts, given that, even in the face of many more prestigious and high-performance innovations, X-ADV was one of the most talked about vehicles of the last shows.

In short, it is certainly not strange that already with the concept, and then with the final version, X-ADV has raised quite a fuss, generating (predictable) discussions between detractors and admirers. What is certain is that X-ADV certainly does not leave you indifferent . In short, you can understand our curiosity in flying to Sardinia, in the spectacular Costa Smeralda theater, to touch the X-ADV for the first time .

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