The benefits of digital signage in retail

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The benefits of digital signage in retail

Salespeople should be avoided. At least, that’s what customers often think of when they see promotional actions Rev Interactive Malaysia. Sometimes the product is just what they are looking for, but they can only hope that the salesperson stops talking so that they can politely refuse the offer.

With digital signage in retail, this problem can be solved by displaying the products on sale on the screen. Televisions are often more attractive and can help the salesperson answer customer questions with digital content.

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Advantages of digital signage in your store

In general, the advantages of digital signage apply to commerce in the same way as in other segments An example is the replacement of old banners and posters, improving the shopping experience. 

Other points are:

  • Promote your products faster in multiple locations simultaneously
  • Draw more attention to products
  • Experiment with new techniques in content production
  • Build a customer relationship
  • Highlight the brand
  • Promote promotions and offers

In addition to improving the relationship with the customer and increasing sales, you also do your part in relation to the environment. The number of impressions is drastically reduced, as well as costs.

Digital signage also allows you to show more information about a certain product, or even allow customization. Customers can add the features they like best to cars, shirts and electronic equipment.

Employee training and safety information can be displayed before and after business hours. The manager of each unit can manipulate the content and schedule it according to the needs of the store.

Interactive booths and maps

Stands self-service are not new, but retailers are always finding a new way to apply this concept. Customers can search for information and complete their purchase at the store without any help. Checking prices, locating products or stores inside a mall, in addition to satisfaction surveys, are other possibilities of resources.  

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The use of certain words and images in advertisements must take into account the target audience. Digital signage allows you to get to know this audience better through experimentation. You can launch multiple campaigns and see which one shows the best result. The screen can be interactive or simple. Salespeople can use the screen as a support, or have a tablet on hand to go wherever the customer goes.

Creating ties with customers

The consumer experience is one of the most important factors in commerce today. Welcome screens, maps and information are examples of how to improve the environment for the public. It can be difficult, but it is necessary to create these unique experiences that involve the consumer to stay above the competition.

Number of stores with interactive features increases

Setting up an interactive store is not just about installing one or two screens. It is effectively taking the client out of the role of passive observer and calling him to action. That’s what luxury brand has done in the past year. By allowing customers to search for more information about products on screens, it brought the best of the online experience to stores.

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